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Sephora Spring Sale!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It's finally here, ladies!! The Sephora Spring Sale!

If you prefer shopping through Like to know it, you can shop my links here!

This sale happens twice a year and it's probably my favorite sale EVER! I stock up on all my favorites during these two times a year but for some reason the Spring sale gets me so excited. It's the perfect time for a beauty refresh and to clean out your makeup bag. Time to refill your ride-or-die's and the BEST time to try all the new products you've been eyeing!

I'll be sharing all of my top picks from every category. Some are products I already use and love in both my personal and professional kit. Then some are new products I've been dying to try! Below is the breakdown of all the tier breakdown. If you aren't signed up to get the discount, it's not too late! Sign up here to receive the discount! Don't forget to enter the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout!

Now let's get to it, shall we?!



1.Dry Bar Blow-dryer Brush is so fast and easy. Great for quick, easy volume!

2.T3 1.25" curling iron. I love this one for most hair lengths. This size is also great for getting that voluminous blowout look! If you like a tighter curl, beachier wave or have shorter hair try the 1" curling iron. You can also get the interchangeable base and use multiple sizes.

3. Dyson Blow Dryer. Y'all this NEVER goes on sale and it's usually excluded from the sale (and most sales). But this year, it's included in the sale so if you've been wanting to get it or try it, do it now because you'll never get it at this price. It also comes with a comb and a round brush so you're set for the fastest blowout ever!

4. DryBar hair products - I'm not a fan of all the Drybar products so if I'm recommending them, they work! Detox Dry Shampoo - great for most hair colors and gives your hair some volume + grit. Prep Rally Prime + Prep Spray - an all-in-one detangling thermal heat protectant spray. Volume Boost Root Lifter - doesn't make your hair oily or heavy and smells so good! And it works!!

5. Moroccan Oil products will always be a favorite of mine! I honestly love them all but I tried to limit it to the ones I HAVE to have! Dry shampoo for light tones This stuff smells like heaven and comes in light and dark tones so you don't get that nasty white residue! Their hairspray is so good. Again, it smells so good, it's lightweight but holds! Treatment oil light is really good for fine hair, especially if it's colored. For thicker or coarser hair, I would use the regular treatment oil.

6. Bumble + Bumble Dryspun Texture Spray is the BEST texture spray I've used. It's great for grit at the root and for subtle but good lift AND you can use it as a holding spray throughout your curls for more hold and volume. I never run out of this guy, it's that good.

7. Ouai is another one of those lines that I just love everything I try. I LOVE their Super Dry Shampoo for oily or fine hair. Or for those 5 day benders where we don't wash our hair. Whoops. This leave-in conditioner is really good for keeping away those dead ends! Also love their wave spray and rose body and hair oil!

8. Hair towels help with drying time and don't damage you hair like a regular towel will. And they don't hurt your neck! :)

9. Olapex hair products are so good for maintenance and repair. Any of them are great but I like the bond maintenance line. It helps with breakage, frizz control and shine!


1. NARS concealer, blush and bronzer have been in my personal and professional kits for YEARSSS and they will remain there. I love them so much. The laguna bronzer is so good on most skin tones and is the prettiest color of warmth. I am obsessed with the NARS Orgasm Blush. It's a gorgeous peachy pink with little gold flecks that is perfect on any skin tone! The Radiant Creamy Concealer is really really good. I've worn it for years and carry it in my kit for brides because it's so good. Most popular shades are Chantilly (fair), Nude (light), and Custard (medium-tan). This multi-shade blush palette can be used for blush, highlight and a pretty shimmer on your eye! I love these colors!

2. This Under Eye Brightening Corrector is hands down a MUST HAVE. It instantly rids your tired eyes of the dark circles. If you buy one thing, buy this. I wear shade light to medium and recommend it for majority of skin tones. I love it with their full coverage concealer. It's just as much coverage as the shape tape but creases less so it's a win win! They also have a brightening corrector wand, which is kind of a blend of the two but not as heavy of a coverage. This is great if you like a lighter wear that's still brightened.

3. Let's talk Dior because my love for this line runs DEEP. These are my top picks for face products: Airflash foundation - light to medium buildable coverage. This multi-use glow palette is GOLD. I like shade 001 because it can be used as bronzer, blush, highlight and eyeshadow so you really get a good bang for your buck.

4. Bobbi Brown has the best illuminating primer. You can use it for that dewy look that's so in or as an extra glow by mixing with your foundation. And it has SPF so you don't need an extra layer of sunscreen.

5. Two more options for bronzer. This one by Tom Ford is pricey but once you use it, you won't go back! It lasts awhile because it's so pigmented. And then this one by benefit has been a staple and is a great dupe for the Tom Ford one.

6. Stick foundations are so good because they are super easy to use. These two have become favorites of mine! I've been wearing this one by bare minerals for a few weeks and I love it and it has SPF. This one by Hourglass has a little more coverage and it's better for dry skin. Both are really pretty but if you have drier skin, go with the Hourglass.

7. Another great blush option is this one by Hourglass. My favorite shades are Mood exposure and Diffused Heat.

8. Charlotte Tilbury is another brand that I adore. I really do love it all! Especially the Hollywood Flawless Filter complexion booster. Y'all this really does just filter your skin. It's unreal. I wear shade 2! I love this duo for a natural contour and highlight! The contour wand is amazing for a creamier, more blended contour and it's buildable!

9. These two tinted moisturizers are my favorites! This one by NARS has been in my bag for forever and I love it! It has good coverage that still looks and feels natural, with a glow and SPF. This one by IT Cosmetics has 50 SPF and gives you a really natural glow. really good coverage for a tinted moisturizer.

10. Setting powders and Spray are KEY. Here are my favs - Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder is really great for a fuller coverage and for setting makeup. It really does give that flawless finish. This Laura Mercier translucent powder is great for a lighter feel but still a good set. This setting spray is a go-to of mine and it works!


1. This eye palette by Tarte is really good! This one is great for all color eyes and for my girls who are just getting into eyesadow. Can be used for everyday and can carry you into a nighttime or event look too!

2. Here comes my girl Charlotte again with the amazing eyes. This one is my favorite and goes so well with her pillow talk lip collection. I think this would be pretty for all eye colors as well. It is mostly a shimmer palette so if you like more matte try this one. My favorite shades are Pillow Talk, Mesmerizing Moon and Dolce Vita.

3. This Nude palette by Bobbi Brown is another all-in-one eye palette that is great for everyday and for special occasion looks too. Great starter palette! This Marc Jacobs palette is similar to the Bobbi Brown one but has less options, which makes it more compact and super easy to carry in your makeup bag. It may also be a little easier if you get overwhelmed by a lot of options.

4. A cream shadow stick can be so beneficial. It's extremely easy to use and blend. It can be used by itself or as a primer under your shadow! This Bobbi Brown one is my fav!

5. Stila's liner is really good. I love it for a matte (no shimmer) black liquid liner to make your eyes really pop! I have also been loving this shimmer shadow by Stila for that extra pop of shimmer. Can be used on its own on eyes or face for that extra pop or as an extra pop under your shadow!

6. These are my favorite mascaras and primers! This primer by Lancome has been a popular favorite for years and I still use it. I love to pair it with their newer to the game mascara the Big Monsieur. I will wear this mascara by itself and I still love it so much solo!

7. BROWS! Brows are so important, even if you like a more natural brow, you need brows. Benefits brow products are my favorite. I love the gimme brow gel the best and then if I want a fuller brow I use the goof proof brow which is so easy to easy or the ultra fine pencil, which you can use to create little strokes that look like hairs. I wear shade 2.


1. Dior is back and you won't be sorry you got any of these! My favorite lip by dior is the lip glow oil gloss. It has color but is a repair treatment too and it's so good. My other (maybe and even tie) favorite is their plumping gloss! I have been wearing this for years. It's here to stay! I wear shade light pink in both.

2. And now Charlotte again! Her lip products are so good! I absolutely love the lip liner in both shades pillow talk and iconic nude. They are both so universal and gorgeous. I pair this with my dior gloss and it's my favorite lip! I also love her lip in the pillow talk and the Kim KW but all of them are so pretty and wear really well. They have the pillow talk duo included in the sale, as well as the collagen lip bath gloss that's really really pretty!!

3. These two products are so good for keeping your lips soft and supple. I love this lip scrub by Bite. I use it almost every night before putting on this lip sleeping mask. This will help so much with dry or cracked lips!!


Skincare is so important! So if you have a small budget, spend it here! Taking care of your skin is key and will also help with a flawless makeup application.

1. These Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads have been a game changer for my skin. It's a two-step regiment that takes no time for the amazing result you'll see. I use extra strength and I have sensitive skin, but if you aren't sure start with the everyday use. These paired with the Sunday Riley Good Genes will absolutely change your life.

2. This Hydrating Rose Toner by Fresh is so good. I love that it doesn't strip my skin like other toners but you can still feel it working and it has hyaluronic acid. Toners give your skin an extra clean and prep your skin for your other skin care products and help them penetrate better and ultimately work better.

2. Moisturizers. These two are my favorites for daywear. This one by Drunk Elephant is my go-to but I also love love this one by Josie Maran with SPF. It's a little more moisture than the Drunk Elephant but not too heavy. This one by Ole Henriksen is brightening, great under makeup and doesn't feel heavy. Love this one too and I think it's somewhere in between the other two! If you need a heavier night cream, this Josie Maran one is my favorite!

3. Eye creams are an obsession of mine so it's hard for me to pick favorites! This one by Tarte is so good under concealer so I like to use it or my Ole Henriksen. The OleHenricksen one is a brightening one so if you need a little extra help there, this one is really good! But they both have Vitamin C in them so they'll both give you a little boost!


Tanning drops are all the rage right now and I am on board! I really love both the Isle of Paradise and Tan-Luxe. If I had to pick one, it would be the Tan-Luxe. But the Isle of Paradise is slightly less expensive and still great! I wear the dark shade in both! They are so quick and easy and you just mix the drops into your lotion!


1. Makeup Forever brushes are really good quality and they have been in my bag and my kit for years. These are great staples to have in your bag! The dual ended face sculpting brush. This eye shadow blending brush and angeled liner brush.

2. Hourglass also makes beautiful brushes but these two are my favorites. The dual ended powder and highlight/blush/bronzer brush. And their buffing foundation brush! I love this brush so much.

3. Beauty blenders are so popular for a reason. A good reason. If used properly, they can help you get that airbrush look without the time or product needed. This cleaner + blender set is a great deal! and this sponge duo is a steal!


I could have added a million other products to this list but I wanted to keep it to the ones I really think would benefit the most and would REALLY be worth having and using. If you have any questions or need any other recommendations, don't hesitate to ask! I could talk and chat all things beauty for days!! And remember you can always shop my page so don't forget to follow me there! *Don't forget to enter the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout! Happy shopping! :)



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