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Nordstom Beauty Sale Favorites!

It's not often that Nordstrom has a beauty sale so when they do, I take full advantage! It ends Tuesday, so get it while you can or stock up for later! If you're a Nordstrom card holder, why not buy everything you can here so you can rack up points for Nordstrom Notes. If you don't benefit from these cardholder benefits, you should. It costs nothing and the benefits are amazing.


Ok, let's get to the good stuff! One reason I love being a freelance hair and makeup artist is that I'm not tied to one brand or product line. But sometimes, that can also lead me into a black hole of buying products that I don't need. So, lucky for you I can weed out the "do not buys" for you!

Let's talk skin care. I have a few particular brands that I am forever loyal to, and all for different reasons. Some I use in different seasons of the year or if my skin is feeling more dry/oily than normal. Others I use for skin prep on my clients under makeup because your skin prep has EVERYTHING to do with how your makeup goes on and stays. You want to build a routine that is best for your skin, which won't be the same for everyone. I'm going to share products for different skin types and will tell you exactly why I love them and what situation they're best suited for.



This Dennis Gross cleanser is one of those "holy grail" cleansers that you'll use it everyday. It gives a really deep clean to your pores without drying you out and gets rid of the impurities and makeup. It's honestly great for any skin type but if you are acne or blemish prone then this is for you! Follow it with these magical peel pads and your skin will feel brand new! *Also love these self-tanning peel pads for subtle, natural color and a light exfoliation too.

I also really like this Kiehls one for a deep, gentle cleanse. Easy on all skin types, so it's great for everyday use too. This one is a little more moisturizing so if you have drier skin, this one might be for you. And pretty much every single Kate Somerville product you can get your hands on is gold, so these cleansers are all amazing and I HIGHLY recommend.


I have scars and dark spots on my face that I absolutely cannot stand so I've spent a fortune on serums and treatments to help remedy them. Serums are expensive so I'm only sharing my two absolute favorites right now. This Sunday Riley treatment is an absolute MUST. It has changed the texture and discoloration of my skin. It also provides an extra layer of hydration that you can't get from a moisturizer. It's pricey but will last a long time and will change your skin for the better. Well worth the investment.

This BeautyBio Nightly serum is so good! It has time-release retinol and Leontopod stem-cell technology so it stimulates your natural collagen and plumps the skin (hello fine lines and wrinkles!). Both of these are WORTH EVERY PENNY!


You could spend hours, or years, finding a good daily moisturizer and night cream. Luckily, you don't have to! These are some of my favorites..

- Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream provides lightweight moisture and lays really well under makeup. It also comes with sunscreen if you're going makeup free or you aren't wearing a daily sunscreen. And you should ALWAYS be wearing sunscreen daily! If you have extremely dry skin, I would add a layer of face oil under this (under serums) or try something heavier altogether.

- This Bobbi Brown cream is for dry skin and I love it. It is so moisturizing but it doesn't sit on the skin like a lot of heavier creams do. Great for a night cream too!

- If you haven't heard of Tula products yet, I'm surprised because they're all over social media. I haven't tried all of the products, but their 24-7 day and night cream is my favorite of the ones I've tried so far.


A couple of other favorites are here!

- This facial roller . I put mine in the refrigerator and use it in the morning or to roll on top of a facial sheet mask to press in all the goodness.

- This bronzing water facial mist . A quick and easy way to hydrate and get that bronzed glow.

- These Coola silk drops with SPF . These are great if you're going to be outside all day, by the pool or on the water. They give great hydration and have SPF 30 in them. Sunscreen in a serum? Yes, please! And this 'natural' self tanning mousse that gives great color! This brand is organic, so no harmful ingredients!

- Lastly, this lash enhancing serum . This has such great results and isn't irritating like some of the others I've tried.

These are just a few of the products that I love. A lot of them are 15% off so grab them now because a lot of these brands rarely go on sale. If you have any questions about these or other products and recommendations, please ask! I know the world of skincare can be so overwhelming so I really hope this was helpful!



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