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Everyday Makeup

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Hi friends! Happy Easter Sunday!

Well, Easter looks a little different this yea but nonetheless, we can still celebrate! We watched church online, sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and I put on full makeup for the first time a daysss. And it felt GREAT! If you need a pick-me-up through all of the crazy in our world right now, get dressed and put on some makeup, or have a self-care day at home. It will change your mood, I promise!


I wanted to feel a little normalcy on this beautiful Easter Day, so I got up and got ready. I did my morning skincare routine and put on a full face of makeup. I feel so much better. And oddly accomplished. Here's a little peek into my daily makeup routine:

First, you have to start with properly prepped skin! Your makeup is only as good as the skin is underneath it. This doesn't mean you have to have a perfect or blemish-free complexion to have beautiful makeup. No. But the correct skin prep for your skin type will go so far in your makeup routine. If you need tips on skincare, take a look at my skincare post here. Or please ask any questions!


These are some of my all-time favorite products. My ride-or-dies right here. first I start with the Becca undereye brightening corrector. I use the light shade. This stuff is gold and I use it every time I wear makeup, and even on days when I'm just wearing tinted moisturizer or tinted SPF. It makes you look like you've slept a million hours and you're completely rested, which I am not. I like to apply this with my ring finger because the warmth of your skin softens the texture and it just melts into your skin. Then I pop on this Charlotte Tilbury complexion booster, which I now cannot live without. It literally puts a filter on your skin and makes your skin look like a glowing doll's skin. You can blend this with your foundation brush or a beauty blender!

Next, I go in with my concealer and foundation. I have used this Bobbi Brown concealer for awhile now and I love it. I think you get the coverage of shape tape without the creasing. And who wants creases under their eyes? No thank you. For Foundation I used the Dior Airflash. I'm obsessed with this foundation. Bonus: I found it on sale here. I wear shade 300 but Sephora has a shade finder tool you can use to find your match. I have been using it for about two and a half years now and I love it for a full face. I like a medium-full coverage that still looks like skin and I think this concealer/foundation combo is perfect for that. It's also buildable so you can make it heavier by adding extra in the areas where you want more coverage. You can spray it onto a sponge or brush first but I think this method wastes product so I spray it directly onto my face then blend with my brush. I carry both of these products in my professional kit, so that should tell you how impressed I am with them! I set my undereye with this pressed powder (in shade fair) and a damp beauty blender. I set the rest of my face with this powder and a fluffy powder brush or with this loose powder. I love them both, so if you have a preference on loose or pressed, these are my top picks for both!

For blush and bronzer, I switch it up. But today I used a cream blush first, then set it with my favorite Nars blush (in shade orgasm). The cream blush is just a little more hydrating and I think the pigment stays longer than just a powder blush. The two together are so pretty but they are both beautiful on their own. The bronzer I used is one of my absolute favorites. Once you use it, it's hard to go back. It's pricey so here is a good dupe.

Onto eyes now! I keep it fairly light and natural on a daily basis. I used this Fenty eye and lip pencil for a little pop of shimmer underneath my shadow. I just saw that it's out of stock so here's one that's similar. For my shadow, I use this Tarte palette. It's a go-to for me because it's great for everyday and perfect if you want to do a heavier look. The colors in this palette are so so pretty and the pigment really holds true thought the day.


I use a little liquid liner on the outer end of my lash line just for a little pop. I think a little just on the outer corners really open your eyes and make your eye color shine. After I curl my lashes, I swipe on my lash primer. I let it dry and set while I do my brows (shade 2). After my brows, I do a coat of mascara. I've just started using this primer/mascara duo and I absolutely love them. I will also wear the mascara by itself on lighter makeup days.

Then I popped on a little lip liner and my favorite lip moisturizer. This lippie has a hint of color but feels like a gloss met a chapstick and had a baby. So it feels light but gives you a little color too. The liner just makes your lips show up a little more and makes them appear bigger. This liner is my one of my favorites for a natural pop. I love the Pillow Talk and Pink Venus.


Then spray with a setting spray and VOILA! You're ready for the day!


I'm going to link a few drug store options/dupes below because I know some of us are on a tight budget with everything going on right now. I hope this helps and brings a little brightness to your day. It definitely did mine :)

Concealer options: Maybelline Age Rewind or Covergirl Tru Blend

Foundation option: Maybelline Fit Me

Powder option: Maybelline Fit Me Powder

Bronzer: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. (I used to wear this all the time in shade Deep Bronzer!)

Blush: Milani Baked Blush (shade- Berry Amore) (I have this color in my bag now!)

Lash primer and mascara: Loreal primer + Loreal Lash Paradise

Lip liner and gloss: NYX liner + NYX lippie (liner shade: citrine or nude pink. Lip color shade beach casual)

Setting spray: NYX multi-tasking spray



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